Welcome Vintage Electronics Enthusiast!

en·thu·si·ast | en’ Θ oōzē,ast |
a person that is highly interested in a particular activity or subject : a vintage electronics entusiast. See note at ZEALOT.

Vintage Electronics Service

I specialize in high-quality repair and service of vintage electronic equipment. If you want it done right the first time around, then my service is for you. All gear will be post-repair-tested for (up to) two days to insure it's operating properly and all repairs/services are done in a "non-smoking" environment, and since this is not my day job, I won't be trying to make my house payment on your repair! I'll give you a very fair rate. Give me a call!

My Background

I began my tinkering career disassembling (and most times reassembling) my parents' clocks, radios, and TV sets. After high school, I enrolled at Pickens Tech Vocational School in electronics, and got a side job working for a local feller by the name of Byron Campbell (WA4GEG) who owned Pro Radio. Byron taught me how to repair electronics and Pickens Tech gave me the sheepskin to go off and get a job. After Pickens Tech, I began working for Rockwell International (Missile Systems Division) as a Metrology Technician and worked there until 1999 when I took another job after completing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I also hold an Amateur Radio Extra License; my call is N4BBQ.

Contact Information

e-Mail -> phil@vintage-es.com